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1. Why are car park charges being introduced?

The growing number of visitors in recent years to the Common and the Golf Club has placed increasing pressure on the existing car parks. This has resulted in members of the Golf Club and patrons of the café and restaurant facing increasing difficulty in finding parking spaces. The Cotswold Hub, who own the golf club business, have therefore decided to use a parking company, Parkingeye, to provide a long-term solution to managing parking.

Cleeve Common Trust have decided to include the Quarry Car Park in this solution, in order to avoid congestion at the narrow entrance and the access lane, which may also pose a risk to visitors on foot, cycle or horseback.

2. When will charges be brought in?

The scheme is expected to be turned on from 24th July 2023.

3. Which car parks are included?

The Golf Club car park, including the overflow area once it becomes available, and Quarry Car Park on the Common.

4. Is there anywhere I can still park for free?

Free parking will still be available elsewhere: at the Radio Masts, in the West Down car park at the far end of the Common, at the end of Wickfield Lane (the access road to the Golf Club) and in the laybys near the top of Stockwell Lane.

5. Do charges apply to set hours of the day or days of the week?

Car parking charges apply 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.



6. How much does it cost to park?

The parking tariff is £2. This covers a 24-hour period from the time of entry.

7. If I leave and return to the car park later the same day, do I have to pay again?

No, the charge covers multiple visits within the 24 hour period.

8. What happens if I can’t find a space or I am just dropping off or picking up passengers?

 No parking fee is charged If you leave the car park within 20 minutes of arrival.

 9. How do I pay?

Payment can be made via the PayByPhone app or at the machine by card or cash. The machine is located on the car park side of the golf clubhouse, close to the passage through to the front lawn. You will need to ensure that you enter the full and correct number plate of your vehicle.

10. Do I have to pay on arrival or before leaving?

Payment must be made on arrival in the car park.

11. Where can I get help if I’m having problems making the payment?

At the Golf Club reception, the café or restaurant. If these are closed, refer to the Parkingeye website or call them on 0330 444 5555 for help.

12. Do I need to display a ticket in my car?

No.  The system logs your car number plate and connects that with your payment.

13. What happens if I don’t pay?

You will face a non-payment parking charge of up to £100. Non-payment parking charges are administered and collected by the parking company, Parkingeye, not by Cotswold Hub Ltd or Cleeve Common Trust. 

 14. What if I make a mistake entering my number plate?

If you realise during your visit, call in at the Golf Reception to rectify the error. If it is following your visit, please refer to the Parkingeye website for help.

15. How do I appeal against a non-payment parking charge?

Any appeal against a non-payment parking charge should be made directly to the parking  company, Parkingeye. This is done via their website Please note that neither Cotswold Hub Ltd nor Cleeve Common Trust are involved in the appeals process.



16. Does everyone have to pay?

All customers of Cotswold Hub Ltd, including the Cotswold Café, Flynn’s on the Hill Restaurant and Cleeve Hill Golf Club can park for free as long as a purchase of at least £2 is made on the day of visit.  Please see any member of the Cotswold Hub team on arrival.

Golf Club members and Members of Cleeve Common Trust are entitled to park as part of their membership package.  

Other invited visitors, for example participants in a golf tournament, may also be exempted from parking charges. They will be informed of the details before visiting. Please do not assume you are exempt.

Tariffs and all terms and conditions apply to Blue Badge holders.